Monday, 25 April 2011

Twitter Unlimited (TU)

The main complaint about twitter  among its users is about its havening  140 letters only constraint. It may  be necessary for the administration to impose  this limitation for some valid reasons nevertheless many time it suppress the fair communication rendering it meaningless especially for those having lesser language skills like me. In my desperate attempt to overcome this problem finally I discovers a solution given in the following.

You know I already have this blog page in in which now I create this page named TWITTER UNLIMITED. Here, I can write any of my ideas, opinion, comments, massages etc. in fair details whenever needed in any numbers, assigning each of them with numbers. Thereby in my twitter page write its essence in short sentence as usual and if there is any extra details, mentioning its reference number along with its web-link so the readers of that tweet  can find its details by pressing the TWITTER UNLIMITED page web-link if they want. Apart from this there are many other advantages, one can any time revise edit make correction or delete these tweets mentioning the changes there.

Hope I am the first one to present this twitter unlimited idea and show its practical use. Also hope it will help many of my fellow twittered to overcome similar limited word constraint problems in this way. 

TU#1 Raja Kalmadi, Kanimozhi                                                  26th April 2011

A.Raja Kamadi, Kanimozhi are the top creations of worlds corrupt monetary system, “Tip Of The Ice Berg” its bulk hidden under. There are hundreds of thousands small, medium as well big; A.Rajas Kalmadiy’s, Kanimozhi’s hidden under the surface doing most of the damage to the society. It is impossible to stop these vast majority indulging in corruption (Economic crimes, basically illicit money transaction) because it does not leave any such evidences necessarily required to prosecute it under the law and not to forget most of it done with the collaboration of both the main parties.

A Raja Kalmadi Kanimozhi mostly will get away with their crimes (unless a stringent Jan Lokpal Bill law comes into effect) or awarded with lighter sentences by the courts because there are no concrete evidences that clearly LINKS the business projects illicit money transaction (bribe kickback)directly to their personal bank account, property, assets etc.

If any Government really want to deter all people including those top brass’s from indulging in corruption, it should first remove the existing CASH money transaction system that primarily facilitate money concealment, which is the key factor of all illicit money transactions. The CASH should be replaced with the anti corruption Biometric Electronic Money (NFC like) that essentially leaves the concrete evidence of every one of its money transactions track records. This will make it impossible to anyone to WILLFULLY HIDE IT. It will most seriously deter not only the top brasses but every citizen in the 
country from engaging in all kinds of illicit money transactions or the corruption. 

TU#2. Corruption Poverty- Causes- Prevention -Comment.
4th May 2011.

It is the rampant corruption the cause of grueling below the line poverty in India and all over the world. First of all you cannot prevent this corruption (mainly economic crimes, basically illicit money transactions) by blaming, criticizing  or  preaching people MORALITY that make them to loose their easy and very safe, substantial corruption income. Secondly, the court requires essential corruption evidence to convict  anyone under the law however corruption mostly leaves no such essential evidence. Thirdly and most importantly our economic (financial) system allows money transaction without leaving any records of it, which in turn very much facilitates people to engage in illicit money transaction (willful hiding or concealment of money) without leaving  the records therefore not much dangers of getting caught and punished under the corruption law. However the good news is; the advancement in the Information Technology today enables the government to keep and maintain the records of every money transaction so every illicit money transaction or corruption get recorded so punished based on this concrete evidence. This will definitely  deter everyone engaging in corruption. For more details see 

Valerian Texeira

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