Monday, 25 April 2011

Corruption Wins Election Honest Candidates Lose

In many public discussion forums on the topics of political corruption it has been often contended that the political corruption or the corrupt politician get elected mainly because of the lack of honest people in the politics or coming to contest the election. They contend majority people (electorates) will vote the honest political candidates instead of the corrupt, if there is one.  However IMHO this argument totally spurious and contrary to the fact specially in our Indian  political context. 

First of all in this political set-up it is a well known fact that the honest people would not have enough money required to do the expensive political campaigning necessary to win the election. If they want to really compete and win the election, they have to accept the support or backing of the corruption money lobby, which is the beginning of the honest people becoming corrupt as they enter into the politics.

Now coming to the second point which is not much known but more important than the first one. The corrupt politicians  and their political parties most of the times strategically spend a SUBSTANTIAL PART OF THEIR CORRUPTION EARNED MONEY in the form of public service, donations, aids that can  greatly influence on the  people of their constituency thereby earn the peoples goodwill and political support. They can pay handsomely to their supporters, media cronies bestow them with lots of political favors to make their grand publicity among the community. Most importantly, they  use their CORRUPT POLITICAL INFLUENCE  to get the developmental work done in their constituency also generously fund  the social, cultural and specially religious activities become its leaders to influence  upon the various communities in their constituency. Therefore even when they are being accused of corruption by the honest journalist media it does not matters much upon their peoples base support in their own constituency therefore they get the majority votes and win the election. Having the corruption earned money and influence makes it all possible!  

On the other hand, a honest political candidate simply cannot have the CORRUPTION MONEY or its POWER to INFLUENCE and PLEASE the people of their constituency therefore cannot win the majority of the votes against the standing corrupt politician, UNLESS  he/she also accepts more or less the support  or backing of the corruption money vested interest so obliged to return the favor latter by becoming corrupt.

Apart from the above there are many other points, let me mention the important one. Any average politician with some legislature  power in hand always surrounded by the vested interest corruption money lobby, becomes extremely vulnerable to corruption. They have to make to choice between leaving in austerity with the honest politics or choose comfort and luxuries by accepting the corruption money.  He/she may prefer honesty with austerity, however their families (also relative)  needs, wants demands comforts luxuries favors,  ultimately the family wife, children relatives interest welfare becomes the first priority making the politicians succumb to all sorts of corruptions more or less. Power corrupts!

Besides, when one talks about some rich honest people in or entering into politics it is always mostly in relative terms; it is impossible in this economic system for anyone to become a rich business person without submitting to any corruptions one or other,  not to mention when people inherit wealth they also inherit corruption, like it or not! By the way, it is mostly the long political INCUMBANCY that mainly makes a well established politician or the party to lose the election and not the corruption. By the bye, in this political system one cannot COMPETE corruption with honesty for long except with corruption.

Finally to conclude; It is mainly the financial system that primarily causes corruption (mostly economic crime basically surreptitious/illicit money transaction) in the political system.  The CASH MONEY IS THE KEY FACILITATOR OF ALL CORRUPTION.  Fortunately the Information Technology (IT) today offers the  historic opportunity to completely root-out all most all corruption crimes from world.  As a first step the leading world Governments need to bring in the mandatory Biometric Identity (ID) in all bank accounts and the second most important step is to BAN the CASH money transaction (above a given small amount) and replace it with BioID E-Money Transaction (NFC, Credit Card etc digital money.) financial system, which definitely can wipe out almost all corruption, crimes from the future world. I have first explained it in details in its main paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption” in <>  and secondly in <>.  The web page short addresses of some of its most important papers post articles  given below.  Reading it is very important to understand this article.

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