Monday, 11 April 2011

Blaming Common-man For Submitting To Corruption

Some anti-corruption advocates claim corruption exist because people do not fight against corruption when they see it around, blaming commonman for submitting to corruption saying “if they don’t pay bribe at all such corruption automatically will stop”! However the truth of the matter is that the commonman neither have the important “backing resources” nor the TIME and energy to effectively fight corruption. If tomorrow one starts to fight corruption which he/she encounters everywhere in day to day dealings, he will be immediately branded as “trouble creator” by the people around, disturbing the traditional status-co peace of the situation, therefore get thoroughly victimized, which the common man very much afraid of.

Most importantly it is not the responsibility or the job  of the public to prevent corruption it is the responsibility of the Government to prevent and stop corruption everywhere by bringing in such anti-corruption monetary measures (or whatever you have) that will make anyone indulging in the economic crimes (corruption) including paying and taking bribe extremely dangerous to all the parties involved because every such corruption made to leaves its concrete physical evidence or the money trail track records. Its details in

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