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Corruption Monetary Systems Basic Defect

(Newly posted on 30th June 2011)
This is an appeal to all National and International Anti-corruption Govt. Agencies Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) leadership and all concerned parties and people particularly now in India who are demanding the Janlokpal  (Ombudsman) Bill. Please understand none of those anti-corruption legislations going to eradicate the majority of the corruptions , which happens basically due to the defective  monetary system that enables illicit money transactions without leaving the essential evidence of it. It turns majority quite honest people into dishonest and corrupt when they get the job, position with the opportunities.  Let me explain it in the following.

All economic crimes from robbery to bribery the latter popularly known as CORRUPTION occurs primarily because of the monetary system of CASH money transactions. In other words CASH money is the KEY facilitator of all economic crimes as it primarily BREAKS the continuation of the bank money trail track record LINK thus enables people to FALSIFY or “Willfully Hide” its further money transaction records, which  puts the rest of the bank money movements  track record “TRANSPARENCY” into OFF-THE-TRACK so unreliable.  (It also makes it impossible for the public specially the legal authorities genuinely to know how much money/income an individual get or property they own)  All this enables the people in a given corruption opportune situation to SAFELY and to indulge in all sorts of economic crimes (robbery, extortions, illegal trade etc ) besides the corruption such as bribe, kickback, tax evasion etc without leaving any such money trail track record  evidences of all these ILLICIT MONEY TRANSACTIONS so they will have no such fear of getting caught and convicted by the law on that basis. Besides, one can keep most of the corruptions for example bribes, perfectly in SECRET between the two consenting parties therefore most of the time there are no one directly complaining to come forward to report, more so when it comes to tax evasion. In this SAFE and EASY corruption facilitating  monetary system in the given job position if they don’t do it when they get opportunity makes the person a losers AND THEIR FAMILIES GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST in this mad rush of money making around them. It is literally like; “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM THEN JOIN THEM”. By the way, fighting against or resisting corruption needs lots more energy, time and resources thus can make ones work or the job enormously difficult and can ruin their life while quietly submitting to it will make their work or the job so much easy and gainful.

Therefore most often than not, quite honest people in general when they get the  job, position and the new opportunity of making some SAFE  and the EASY corruption money cannot resist and succumb to the  temptations and the pressures. While the few extremely greedy become so callous taking and making copious amount of corruption money so leave  conspicuous amount of circumstantial evidences while the prudent, clever take and make only small or moderate amounts remain inconspicuous do not leave any such evidence. So while the former most often caught and charged (which does not mean they will be convicted perhaps mostly will set free by the court for the lack of essential evidence) while the latter rarely even been noticed by the law. It is not the question whether you indulge in corruption or not but to what extent you can safely carry on your corruption without getting notices, caught and convicted.  People needs to be extraordinarily honest (super hero) to totally resist and overcome all its temptations and the pressure, which is extremely rare.

The fundamental reason for why all the anti-corruption agencies and the legislations become useless against most of the corruption is as I mentioned it before is that all those majority of the corruption does not leave any such  essential money trail track records to prosecute it under the law. However Anna’s team seems to think and posit that it is mainly because all those Governments anti-corruption agencies and legislations so far lacks the fundamental virtues of impeccable integrity honesty and independent judiciary. So by adding all those virtues in the Janlokpal it can effectively deter majority of all those  corruptions that the existing Governments anti-corruption agencies fail to achieve.

Sadly however, all the anti- corruption bodies, concerns all this time conveniently sideline the above mentioned fundamental fact of corruption. They not even make a slightest effort to point out and educate the public that majority of corruptions specially the secret bribes, tax frauds etc does not leave any such essential money trail track record evidence  needed to prove and to prosecute it under the law, primarily due to the monetary system not able to keep the TRANSPARENT money trail track  records. Therefore it will be impossible to eradicate majority of those corruptions even for the Janlokpal unless the Government REFORM the fundamentally defective, faulty, corruption facilitating monetary system.  Nevertheless for the time being having something to fight the top brass corruption better than having nothing. And also more integrity, honesty transparency and the independence of judicially always will work better in fighting the corruption.  Therefore when it comes to choosing between Anna teams Janlokpal or the Governments Lokpal bill, I would definitely support the Civil Societies Janlokpal bill.

Here what I am desperately trying to bring before the attention of all those anti-corruption concerns and its leadership all these time is that the advancement in the Information Technology (IT) today provides the historical opportunity for them to place the demand before the government to reform the defective monetary system . First all they should demand to bring in mandatory Biometric Identity (BID) in all bank money accounts (including the lockers) also in the property records.  Secondly to Ban the Cash by replacing it with the mandatory e-money transaction. This two most important monetary reforms can make all money transactions TRANSPARENT and will make all such economic crimes from robbery to bribery to leave its indelible money trail track record EVIDENCES at the financial institutions . As a result, first of all the  majority who today SAFELY engage in the economic crimes will find it no more safe but extremely dangerous and would not dare to do it any more for the fear of  leaving its clear money trail track record PROOFS. However if anyone not yet deterred by this fear and still dares to continue to commit such crimes then Janlokpal  such anticorruption punishment law enforcements will easily get all their illicit money transaction  money trail track record evidences made available by the system to prove it so able to prosecute everyone of those people involve in corruption or in all other economic crimes.  

Most importantly in this regard  please see all the details of this subject matter in its main paper titled IT To Root-out Corruption  in  and the second most important article in along with many other important anti-corruption articles

PS. Rough Draft needs further editing. 

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