Monday, 25 April 2011

Top Brass Corruption Convictions Don’t deter Them

CASH Money The Key Facilitator Of All Corruptions

The public are made to believe by the leading anti-corruption  agencies, NGO’s , movements, with their new stringent legislations, will be able to diligently  convict  and imprison the top brass people who have been found guilty of big corruptions; it will act as a strong  deterrent  to them  and all the others  from engaging in similar corruption in the future. However the fact of the matter is that the court conviction, prison sentence simply not able to make the intended punishment deterrent impact on those top brasses because they will not loose their corruption earned money that has been hidden safely in cash in some secret places  or kept in some bogus bank accounts , benami properties or given it to safe keeping with some of their trusted people. Therefore even in the event of  their court conviction and the prison sentence (even though it is rare) they are very much sure that the hidden money cannot be discovered that would give them and their  families a great financial future  (family welfare interest is most important for them for which they may be ready to do anything  even go to prison) and after completing their prison  sentence (perhaps they live fairly comfortable life in prison by using their corruption money and its influence) they can come out to enjoy the rest of their life with comforts and luxuries with their families with the help of the hidden corruption money. Let us find out how the CASH money transaction financial system enables them to do it in little more details.

First of all the public should know that the overwhelming small and medium corruptions (basically illicit money transactions made in cash) do not leave any such essential money trail track record evidences therefore it is not possible to prosecute them. However when it comes to the top  brass big deal business corruptions, it becomes almost impossible for them not to leave any such clues record evidence although it is seldom possible to establish that the business bank money trail track records finally has a direct link to their own personal bank accounts. Nevertheless, there can be sufficient evidences to point out gross misconduct in the business trade deal, improper financial contact, bureaucratic  mishandling, favoritism etc. However the lawyers of the accused can always argue it is simply a “difference of opinion”, bureaucrats error, misjudgment etc and they personally gained nothing out of these money transaction! So a favorite or “impartial” judge mostly will dismiss  such corruption cases because of  the lack of substantial evidence as there are no concrete money trail track records to prove  that any of the money went into the accused own or families personal accounts.

However  suppose  there is a strong anti-corruption opposition movement and a proactive judge, ruling this top brass guilty of corruption based on the circumstantial evidences and  sentencing him/her  to more or less years of imprisonment. Nonetheless the courts or its investigators never will be able to find out whether or where  the guilty had stashed all his/her corruption accumulated money,  its secret cash hiding  location , Benami properties or the bogus bank accounts  also the treasury or lockers of their trusted people to whom the corruption money was given for its safe keeping.

All of this happens primarily because of the CASH money, it is the KEY FACILITATOR of all corruptions big or small. Although most of the top brass business projects big sums of money transaction has to be made mainly between bank to bank accounts by the government rules. Of course, as long as the money remains in a bank account and transacted between one to another bank accounts there will be always its concrete money trail track record. However as soon as the bank money withdrawn in cash it becomes easy for those people to FALSIFY its further money trail track record whereabouts. They can withdraw the bank money in cash part by part in relatively small amounts in thousands of fictitious names citing thousands of fraudulent purposes thus accumulate into big amount of cash and hide it in their secret lockers or buy properties in fictitious names,  or re-deposit  the cash back into another bank account  etc. leaving absolutely not any money trail track record connection in-between to prove any of the kick-back, bribe corruption money landed into the accused own or his/her families personal ownership accounts. 

Consequently, those thousands of anti corruption legislations aiming at stringently punishing convicting those top brass people who have been found guilty of corruption miserably fails to become the deterrent as they are not able to find out the whereabouts of the corruption (illicit) money that these people have kept in hiding. Sadly in a way, these anti-corruption legislations and the convictions mislead the public into believing that  the corruption under control as the guilty people being thoroughly punished and the corruption money recovered from them, however in reality it still remains with them kept in secret hiding places, benami properties, ficticious bank accounts etc., as the cash money transaction economic system basically enables them to do it. With its help they and their families and their generation are going to lead a comfortable  if not luxurious future life. The façade of such anti-corruption legislations in fact helps the smart top brass corruption continue as it is if not more, in its own shadows.

Therefore, the only way to stop all these corruptions big and small,  as a first step the Govt., needs to bring in the unassailable mandatory Biometric Identity (BID) in all bank account and the second and the most important step is to Ban the CASH money transaction (above a given small amount)  and replace it with mandatory Bio-metric  E-money Transaction (NFC, CC, etc) to root out corruption along with its related violent crimes from the world. I have first explained it in details its main paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption” in <>  and secondly in <>.  Reading it, is very important to understand this article. Below are its web addresses given

IT To Root-out Corruption
Anti Corruption Fight

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