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NFC Mobiles Replacing CASH In Future Can Eradicate Corruption

(Latest revision on 24th May 2011)

In recent years, 2011 in particular,  world public  are getting frequent news reports, articles about the Digital (E)Money payment/receipt enabling Near Field Communication (NFC) technology equipped mobile phones entering into the world market in a big way posing as the most efficient alternative to the century old traditional CASH money  transaction.  However they are not much aware of its great potential to eradicate most of the CORRUPTION as well as the violent crimes from the world. In my paper  titled “ IT To Root-out Corruption” written in 2008 I strongly contend that the CASH MONEY IS THE KEY FACILITATOR OF ALL CORRUPTION. Thereby bringing in mandatory Electronic Money Transaction  like NFC  combined with the Biometric Identity security, can very much enable the world Governments to completely get rid of all sorts of economic crimes  popularly known as corruption (basically illicit money transactions) along with other violent crimes, only if there is the political will to get it done.

My above mentioned paper now published in <>  gives foremost importance to the modern cyber age, hi-tech  Digital or Electronic Money Transaction in which the Near field Communication technology today at its forefront. Experts in the field strongly predict that it will gradually going to replace the CASH money and eventually will make it redundant in the future. However it is very much necessary that these  digital money devises, NFC’s in particular should most  importantly have the Biometric Identity (palm finger print , face, iris recognition etc) based Social Security Number (SSN). So while making the e-money transaction both devises should first check, exchange and record the numbers in-between to get it activated to make a safe and secure  money transactions (no need of account book keeping is a side benefit).

The Bio-metric Identity (Bio-ID) security feature in the NFC technology enables it to effectively prevent all sorts of cyber economic crimes such as the digital or e-money pick-pocketing and its related frauds, theft, etc. However  most importantly it will  protect people owning this devises from dangerously becoming  the targets or victims of  all sorts of  violent economic crimes like mugging, looting, burglary, robbery, assault even from getting murdered,  all these crimes mostly committed to ROB MONEY or to take revenge against it or to prevent it!  By the way, there  needs to be a limit to the amount of money a NFC’s can hold; when the amount (or its transaction records) exceeds a given limit  the sum (or the transaction records) should be first transferred to its main bank account, similarly when the wallet gets empty it can refilled from it. Of course, the NFC needs to be equipped with the internet connection (already there) so even a big sums of money can be transferred part by part from one NFC to the other NFC, then send (by wireless money like a Credit Card) online and deposited into their bank  account (or vice versa) in the process all its transaction  details including  the SSN ID will get recorded in the banks digital money data storage system. In short, all this will ensure that the electronic or digital money transaction becomes highly safe and secure that it will be impossible for anyone to steal, rob or fraud the E-Money.

In this way,  every money transaction conducted through this NFC between people and the businesses eventually will  get recorded in its main banks account (like in the bank pass-book) providing concrete evidences  of the money trail track record of any such criminal or illicit money transaction (corruption) any time afterwards. Thereby, if its public scrutiny or legal inquiry is ordered, it can be made available as a concrete evidence to prove the crime before the courts. This is how it will effectively deter most (if not all) people from indulging in  any such kinds of economic crimes including the violent crimes mentioned earlier.

By the way there needs be two main kinds of Social Security bank account numbers assigned for the NFC’s. The first one is the already mentioned SSN, universally unique for each and every person mainly for the  personal or ownership  use/purpose and the  second one Social Security Business Number (SSBN) bank account mainly for  the business purpose. The SSBN should necessarily have the SSN of the Proprietor(s) or the manager(s) in its registry records, which is among other things most importantly for enabling the Govt. TAXATION. Besides that, people  can have any number of  NFC’s but all of them should come under either the SSN or the SSBN  based  bank accounts.

Before concluding I would like to point out that nowadays the general public come across some scaremongering news reports articles in the media that how the electronic or the digital money can lead into dangerous cyber economic crimes in the future rather than highlighting its most important security feature of completing getting rid of most of the crimes if combined with the Bio-ID technology. Hereby I appeal to the professionals who are actively promoting digital money specially the companies experts advocating  and campaigning for the NFC  technology in the financial sector please to high-light most important anti-corruption aspect of this  NFC,  Bio-metric Digital Money to the world economy so all those leading economic development poverty eradication, anti corruption concerns, people, organizations , Govt. agencies, see the need and work towards this goal.

I have first explained it in details in its main paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption” in <>  and secondly in <>.  The web page short addresses of some of its most important papers post articles  given  down below.  It is very important to understand this article.

Before which, some important news report articles on the NFC e-money transaction

There are lots more of such NFC reports that one can find by searching in Google images for the word “NFC”.

IT To Root-Out Corruption

CASH Money The Key Facilitator Of All Corruption

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CASH Money The Key Facilitator Of All Corruptions

The public are made to believe by the leading anti-corruption  agencies, NGO’s , movements, with their new stringent legislations, will be able to diligently  convict  and imprison the top brass people who have been found guilty of big corruptions; it will act as a strong  deterrent  to them  and all the others  from engaging in similar corruption in the future. However the fact of the matter is that the court conviction, prison sentence simply not able to make the intended punishment deterrent impact on those top brasses because they will not loose their corruption earned money that has been hidden safely in cash in some secret places  or kept in some bogus bank accounts , benami properties or given it to safe keeping with some of their trusted people. Therefore even in the event of  their court conviction and the prison sentence (even though it is rare) they are very much sure that the hidden money cannot be discovered that would give them and their  families a great financial future  (family welfare interest is most important for them for which they may be ready to do anything  even go to prison) and after completing their prison  sentence (perhaps they live fairly comfortable life in prison by using their corruption money and its influence) they can come out to enjoy the rest of their life with comforts and luxuries with their families with the help of the hidden corruption money. Let us find out how the CASH money transaction financial system enables them to do it in little more details.

First of all the public should know that the overwhelming small and medium corruptions (basically illicit money transactions made in cash) do not leave any such essential money trail track record evidences therefore it is not possible to prosecute them. However when it comes to the top  brass big deal business corruptions, it becomes almost impossible for them not to leave any such clues record evidence although it is seldom possible to establish that the business bank money trail track records finally has a direct link to their own personal bank accounts. Nevertheless, there can be sufficient evidences to point out gross misconduct in the business trade deal, improper financial contact, bureaucratic  mishandling, favoritism etc. However the lawyers of the accused can always argue it is simply a “difference of opinion”, bureaucrats error, misjudgment etc and they personally gained nothing out of these money transaction! So a favorite or “impartial” judge mostly will dismiss  such corruption cases because of  the lack of substantial evidence as there are no concrete money trail track records to prove  that any of the money went into the accused own or families personal accounts.

However  suppose  there is a strong anti-corruption opposition movement and a proactive judge, ruling this top brass guilty of corruption based on the circumstantial evidences and  sentencing him/her  to more or less years of imprisonment. Nonetheless the courts or its investigators never will be able to find out whether or where  the guilty had stashed all his/her corruption accumulated money,  its secret cash hiding  location , Benami properties or the bogus bank accounts  also the treasury or lockers of their trusted people to whom the corruption money was given for its safe keeping.

All of this happens primarily because of the CASH money, it is the KEY FACILITATOR of all corruptions big or small. Although most of the top brass business projects big sums of money transaction has to be made mainly between bank to bank accounts by the government rules. Of course, as long as the money remains in a bank account and transacted between one to another bank accounts there will be always its concrete money trail track record. However as soon as the bank money withdrawn in cash it becomes easy for those people to FALSIFY its further money trail track record whereabouts. They can withdraw the bank money in cash part by part in relatively small amounts in thousands of fictitious names citing thousands of fraudulent purposes thus accumulate into big amount of cash and hide it in their secret lockers or buy properties in fictitious names,  or re-deposit  the cash back into another bank account  etc. leaving absolutely not any money trail track record connection in-between to prove any of the kick-back, bribe corruption money landed into the accused own or his/her families personal ownership accounts. 

Consequently, those thousands of anti corruption legislations aiming at stringently punishing convicting those top brass people who have been found guilty of corruption miserably fails to become the deterrent as they are not able to find out the whereabouts of the corruption (illicit) money that these people have kept in hiding. Sadly in a way, these anti-corruption legislations and the convictions mislead the public into believing that  the corruption under control as the guilty people being thoroughly punished and the corruption money recovered from them, however in reality it still remains with them kept in secret hiding places, benami properties, ficticious bank accounts etc., as the cash money transaction economic system basically enables them to do it. With its help they and their families and their generation are going to lead a comfortable  if not luxurious future life. The fa├žade of such anti-corruption legislations in fact helps the smart top brass corruption continue as it is if not more, in its own shadows.

Therefore, the only way to stop all these corruptions big and small,  as a first step the Govt., needs to bring in the unassailable mandatory Biometric Identity (BID) in all bank account and the second and the most important step is to Ban the CASH money transaction (above a given small amount)  and replace it with mandatory Bio-metric  E-money Transaction (NFC, CC, etc) to root out corruption along with its related violent crimes from the world. I have first explained it in details its main paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption” in <>  and secondly in <>.  Reading it, is very important to understand this article. Below are its web addresses given

IT To Root-out Corruption
Anti Corruption Fight

Corruption Wins Election Honest Candidates Lose

In many public discussion forums on the topics of political corruption it has been often contended that the political corruption or the corrupt politician get elected mainly because of the lack of honest people in the politics or coming to contest the election. They contend majority people (electorates) will vote the honest political candidates instead of the corrupt, if there is one.  However IMHO this argument totally spurious and contrary to the fact specially in our Indian  political context. 

First of all in this political set-up it is a well known fact that the honest people would not have enough money required to do the expensive political campaigning necessary to win the election. If they want to really compete and win the election, they have to accept the support or backing of the corruption money lobby, which is the beginning of the honest people becoming corrupt as they enter into the politics.

Now coming to the second point which is not much known but more important than the first one. The corrupt politicians  and their political parties most of the times strategically spend a SUBSTANTIAL PART OF THEIR CORRUPTION EARNED MONEY in the form of public service, donations, aids that can  greatly influence on the  people of their constituency thereby earn the peoples goodwill and political support. They can pay handsomely to their supporters, media cronies bestow them with lots of political favors to make their grand publicity among the community. Most importantly, they  use their CORRUPT POLITICAL INFLUENCE  to get the developmental work done in their constituency also generously fund  the social, cultural and specially religious activities become its leaders to influence  upon the various communities in their constituency. Therefore even when they are being accused of corruption by the honest journalist media it does not matters much upon their peoples base support in their own constituency therefore they get the majority votes and win the election. Having the corruption earned money and influence makes it all possible!  

On the other hand, a honest political candidate simply cannot have the CORRUPTION MONEY or its POWER to INFLUENCE and PLEASE the people of their constituency therefore cannot win the majority of the votes against the standing corrupt politician, UNLESS  he/she also accepts more or less the support  or backing of the corruption money vested interest so obliged to return the favor latter by becoming corrupt.

Apart from the above there are many other points, let me mention the important one. Any average politician with some legislature  power in hand always surrounded by the vested interest corruption money lobby, becomes extremely vulnerable to corruption. They have to make to choice between leaving in austerity with the honest politics or choose comfort and luxuries by accepting the corruption money.  He/she may prefer honesty with austerity, however their families (also relative)  needs, wants demands comforts luxuries favors,  ultimately the family wife, children relatives interest welfare becomes the first priority making the politicians succumb to all sorts of corruptions more or less. Power corrupts!

Besides, when one talks about some rich honest people in or entering into politics it is always mostly in relative terms; it is impossible in this economic system for anyone to become a rich business person without submitting to any corruptions one or other,  not to mention when people inherit wealth they also inherit corruption, like it or not! By the way, it is mostly the long political INCUMBANCY that mainly makes a well established politician or the party to lose the election and not the corruption. By the bye, in this political system one cannot COMPETE corruption with honesty for long except with corruption.

Finally to conclude; It is mainly the financial system that primarily causes corruption (mostly economic crime basically surreptitious/illicit money transaction) in the political system.  The CASH MONEY IS THE KEY FACILITATOR OF ALL CORRUPTION.  Fortunately the Information Technology (IT) today offers the  historic opportunity to completely root-out all most all corruption crimes from world.  As a first step the leading world Governments need to bring in the mandatory Biometric Identity (ID) in all bank accounts and the second most important step is to BAN the CASH money transaction (above a given small amount) and replace it with BioID E-Money Transaction (NFC, Credit Card etc digital money.) financial system, which definitely can wipe out almost all corruption, crimes from the future world. I have first explained it in details in its main paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption” in <>  and secondly in <>.  The web page short addresses of some of its most important papers post articles  given below.  Reading it is very important to understand this article.

IT To Root-Out Corruption

NFC Mobiles Replacing CASH  In The Near Future

CASH Money The Key Facilitator Of All Corruption

Transparency International: Corruption Perception Index A Sham

Poverty Greatest Crime Against Humanity                                                                                              

(PS. Rough Draft)  

Corruption Monetary Systems Basic Defect

(Newly posted on 30th June 2011)
This is an appeal to all National and International Anti-corruption Govt. Agencies Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) leadership and all concerned parties and people particularly now in India who are demanding the Janlokpal  (Ombudsman) Bill. Please understand none of those anti-corruption legislations going to eradicate the majority of the corruptions , which happens basically due to the defective  monetary system that enables illicit money transactions without leaving the essential evidence of it. It turns majority quite honest people into dishonest and corrupt when they get the job, position with the opportunities.  Let me explain it in the following.

All economic crimes from robbery to bribery the latter popularly known as CORRUPTION occurs primarily because of the monetary system of CASH money transactions. In other words CASH money is the KEY facilitator of all economic crimes as it primarily BREAKS the continuation of the bank money trail track record LINK thus enables people to FALSIFY or “Willfully Hide” its further money transaction records, which  puts the rest of the bank money movements  track record “TRANSPARENCY” into OFF-THE-TRACK so unreliable.  (It also makes it impossible for the public specially the legal authorities genuinely to know how much money/income an individual get or property they own)  All this enables the people in a given corruption opportune situation to SAFELY and to indulge in all sorts of economic crimes (robbery, extortions, illegal trade etc ) besides the corruption such as bribe, kickback, tax evasion etc without leaving any such money trail track record  evidences of all these ILLICIT MONEY TRANSACTIONS so they will have no such fear of getting caught and convicted by the law on that basis. Besides, one can keep most of the corruptions for example bribes, perfectly in SECRET between the two consenting parties therefore most of the time there are no one directly complaining to come forward to report, more so when it comes to tax evasion. In this SAFE and EASY corruption facilitating  monetary system in the given job position if they don’t do it when they get opportunity makes the person a losers AND THEIR FAMILIES GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST in this mad rush of money making around them. It is literally like; “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM THEN JOIN THEM”. By the way, fighting against or resisting corruption needs lots more energy, time and resources thus can make ones work or the job enormously difficult and can ruin their life while quietly submitting to it will make their work or the job so much easy and gainful.

Therefore most often than not, quite honest people in general when they get the  job, position and the new opportunity of making some SAFE  and the EASY corruption money cannot resist and succumb to the  temptations and the pressures. While the few extremely greedy become so callous taking and making copious amount of corruption money so leave  conspicuous amount of circumstantial evidences while the prudent, clever take and make only small or moderate amounts remain inconspicuous do not leave any such evidence. So while the former most often caught and charged (which does not mean they will be convicted perhaps mostly will set free by the court for the lack of essential evidence) while the latter rarely even been noticed by the law. It is not the question whether you indulge in corruption or not but to what extent you can safely carry on your corruption without getting notices, caught and convicted.  People needs to be extraordinarily honest (super hero) to totally resist and overcome all its temptations and the pressure, which is extremely rare.

The fundamental reason for why all the anti-corruption agencies and the legislations become useless against most of the corruption is as I mentioned it before is that all those majority of the corruption does not leave any such  essential money trail track records to prosecute it under the law. However Anna’s team seems to think and posit that it is mainly because all those Governments anti-corruption agencies and legislations so far lacks the fundamental virtues of impeccable integrity honesty and independent judiciary. So by adding all those virtues in the Janlokpal it can effectively deter majority of all those  corruptions that the existing Governments anti-corruption agencies fail to achieve.

Sadly however, all the anti- corruption bodies, concerns all this time conveniently sideline the above mentioned fundamental fact of corruption. They not even make a slightest effort to point out and educate the public that majority of corruptions specially the secret bribes, tax frauds etc does not leave any such essential money trail track record evidence  needed to prove and to prosecute it under the law, primarily due to the monetary system not able to keep the TRANSPARENT money trail track  records. Therefore it will be impossible to eradicate majority of those corruptions even for the Janlokpal unless the Government REFORM the fundamentally defective, faulty, corruption facilitating monetary system.  Nevertheless for the time being having something to fight the top brass corruption better than having nothing. And also more integrity, honesty transparency and the independence of judicially always will work better in fighting the corruption.  Therefore when it comes to choosing between Anna teams Janlokpal or the Governments Lokpal bill, I would definitely support the Civil Societies Janlokpal bill.

Here what I am desperately trying to bring before the attention of all those anti-corruption concerns and its leadership all these time is that the advancement in the Information Technology (IT) today provides the historical opportunity for them to place the demand before the government to reform the defective monetary system . First all they should demand to bring in mandatory Biometric Identity (BID) in all bank money accounts (including the lockers) also in the property records.  Secondly to Ban the Cash by replacing it with the mandatory e-money transaction. This two most important monetary reforms can make all money transactions TRANSPARENT and will make all such economic crimes from robbery to bribery to leave its indelible money trail track record EVIDENCES at the financial institutions . As a result, first of all the  majority who today SAFELY engage in the economic crimes will find it no more safe but extremely dangerous and would not dare to do it any more for the fear of  leaving its clear money trail track record PROOFS. However if anyone not yet deterred by this fear and still dares to continue to commit such crimes then Janlokpal  such anticorruption punishment law enforcements will easily get all their illicit money transaction  money trail track record evidences made available by the system to prove it so able to prosecute everyone of those people involve in corruption or in all other economic crimes.  

Most importantly in this regard  please see all the details of this subject matter in its main paper titled IT To Root-out Corruption  in  and the second most important article in along with many other important anti-corruption articles

PS. Rough Draft needs further editing. 

Down The Memory Lane

From Marxism Socialism To Working Hour Reduction

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE; a labor activist, quit Marxian Communism some 30yrs back. Still remain a great admirer of Karl Marx. The reason I rejected Marxism is that I basically contend that the Socialist system (Communism) also like capitalism STANDS necessarily on labor exploitation.  People familiar with Marxism Socialism Communism know that it  talks big about the capitalist labor exploitation causing all kind of social evils oppressions in the society and claims that the socialist system  can eliminate all of it by abolishing the private ownership of property (means of production) with planned economy.

However it explains nothing about how it is possible to eliminate the labor exploitation by abolishing the private property or brining in planned social production when it very needs the surplus value for its survival, which only comes from labor exploitation according to their own  Das Kapital SURPLUS VALUE (unpaid labor) theory.  The evasive communist slogan “FROM everybody according to their ability (labor?) TO everybody according to their needs” not going to solve this fundamental labor exploitation issue. 

This is  the basic reason why socialist or communist system miserably fails. The economy still needs surplus value from the workers labor and the only way to extract it is by the exploitations of labor, without the labor surplus value the economy will totally collapse. Therefore there is no way that the socialist or the communist system can remove the labor exploitation any sooner so all the evil labor oppressions associated with it.

My book: “An Alternative to Marxian Scientific Socialism: The Theory Reduction in Working Hours :A Demand for Six Hour Theory”.  Which I wrote and published in 1980 in Kannada Language. (My English writing only at rudimentary levels at that time) In this book I claim labor exploitation mainly occurs due to the COMPULSION on humans to labor (relation) in order to obtain their means of subsistence. It is impossible to eliminate this labor exploitation from any society as long as there exist the need of human labor in the social commodity production.  It gives rise to four main kind of labor exploitations  which are; 1. Subsistence Sustenance labor exploitation 2. Relative labor exploitation  3. Productive labor exploitation and finally the  4. Absolute labor exploitation unfortunately, Marxism totally fails to recognize them for whatever reasons.

However in FUTURE WORLD  the need of human labor in the social commodity production services etc will be gradually ILIMINATED  with the advancement of productive forces science and technology especially by the Cybernetics, Robotics technologies so does its exploitation will finally come to an end when the human society reaches the Zero  Working Day stage.  

So much enough for now about my fast labor activism for the time being.

(PS. Rough draft)

Black Money 100 Times More in India Than In Swiss Banks

We see  the frequent media report about the huge amount of  Indian black money around $1500 billions or roughly 70,00,000 (seventy lakh) crore rupees hidden in Swiss Banks stashed since the fast 60 years. Prosecuting those culprits and bringing the money back to the country can greatly alleviate the poverty  in India. However the media  on the other hand seems to conveniently forget to inform to the public that there can be 100 times more that amount of black money hidden inside the country itself,  taking it out can completely get rid of poverty in India.

Let us undertake a rough estimate to understand the above matter.  Indian population today estimated to be around 120 corers. Consider the top 5% of it extremely rich (many having those Swiss bank accounts), 15% affluent rich, 20% well to do upper or middle class and the rest 60% consisting of lower middle and the poor.  

Now take only the 15% affluent rich consisting of  roughly 4 cores households. In today’s conservative property value estimates one can safely assume that in general each of these AFFLUENTLY RICH households owning a total assets value worth Rs. 15 cores in average in the form of properties, valuables, jewelry gold, investment stocks, safe lockers, bank deposits and cash in hand. However most of them (if not all) in general submit or declare only half that amount say 8 crores in their tax returns and conceal  (hide) the rest 7 crores (the amount  could be other way round. Look at all the Income Tax raid reports in India) to evade the Taxes, which in fact becomes the illegal or the black money. Now if you multiply the 4crores of households each having Rs. 7 cores black money its total amount comes to 20,0000000(twenty crore) Crores, which  means  some 36  times more black money with these affluent rich class alone in the country than in the Swiss banks. Now if you add the black money in the hands of the 5% extremely rich and the 20% well to do upper and middle class as equally the same amount then the figure comes 100 times more.  One can dispute the figure  saying it can be 1000 times more, other may say it may only 10 times some other may point it somewhere between. However one can safely conclude that the black money inside India many times more than in the Swiss banks.

Today, it is very much possible for the Governments all over the world to completely prevent such black money (tax evasion) happening. The advancement in the Information (electronic, digital, bio-tech) Technology (IT)offers  the solution.  BAN the CASH (except a given small amount) replace it with Bio-metric Electronic Money (NFC like). The Biometric Identify in the economic (financial) system will make it impossible to anyone to  hide and keep their money valuable or the properties in bogus fictitious or benami names  so extremely difficult to evade the taxes  thereby the black money along with all other illicit money transactions, corruptions can be mostly eliminated. 
I have explained it more in my paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption”. One can access it from my blog <>.

PS. Apologies for my poor language skills, writers having good command skills over the language can explain all this far better than me.

Valerian Texeira

Transparency International: Corruption Perception Index. A Myth

Transparency International (TI) the leading anti corruption organization in the world regularly publishes its survey named Corruption Perception Index (CPI). In short, those countries top on this list considered as very less corrupt and those in the bottom as the most corrupt. TI may have all the good intentions in doing so however it does more harm and creates wrong impression blaming those developing or underdeveloped poor countries responsible for most of the corruptions in our world. It scares away most of the rich international tourist community from visiting these countries, depriving them the very much needed incomes investments thus victimizing these poor countries still more.

Although the visible or perceivable  corruption in those developing poor countries very high nevertheless the rich developed countries higher in the list are equally or more responsible for the corruption in the world as a whole. They are the safe heavens for the deposits, investments and the lavish spending grounds for the corruption money of those poor countries. For instance Switzerland is among the top ten where corruption perceived to be very less. However it is well known that the Swiss banks are the number one destination for the corruption money of the developing countries. It is not only Switzerland but all those rich developed countries who score above 5 in the index are guilty of the use of corruption money in many concealed ways. However because it can be so willfully hidden it is very difficult to find. 

It is the unscrupulous corrupt, politicians, bureaucrats, business, rich people in general of the poor countries send their misappropriated, illicit, corruption or black moneys  to those rich developed countries through the illegal channel like HAWALA  or Money Laundering or by other means, make huge business investments buy properties, valuables mainly through their bogus, fake, fictitious or secret bank accounts.  They also spend it lavishly on luxuries of these rich countries making  their economy to flourish meanwhile the economy’s the developing poor countries horribly suffer. Not to mention the higher CPI ranking countries looting the rich natural resources of the poor countries in the name of  international trade agreements by BRIBING the governments with development funds, aids and loans and most of it goes into the corrupt individuals pocket, which is a open international secret. Therefore the countries ranking high in the list on the other hand are the FACILITATORS and beneficiaries of the  high corruption in the low CPI ranking developing poor countries. Therefore the TI CP Index turns to be mostly a myth.

All I want to say in here is; corruption is a ubiquitous world phenomenon. The developed countries may not have much visible corruption but they are the facilitators and beneficiaries of the high corruption in the developed countries. Therefore it is their responsibility to take the leading role in eliminating corruption from the world.

First of all they should stop being the facilitators or the safe heavens of corruption money of the rich people both from the developing and developed counties. To do this, the Governments should make it impossible to anyone inside or outside the country to conceal the TRUE amount of their money (or property as a whole) or HIDE it in fake, bogus or fictitious names. The UN chapter on corruption points it out as “Willfully Hidden”. To prevent it
the Governments should BAN the CASH (above a given small amount) and replace it with the anti-corruption Bio-metric Electronic Money (NFC like). The developed rich countries have all the resources and the infrastructures to implement it so the developing countries eventually follow the lead. It will make every money transaction in the country to leave its mark concrete evidence  money trail track records so make any HAWALA or Money Laundering as well all  other illicit money transactions impossible to HIDE. I have explained it in details in my paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption”. One can access it from my blog <>.

PS. Apologies for my poor language skills, writers having good command skills over the language can explain all this far better than me.

Valerian Texeira

Twitter Unlimited (TU)

The main complaint about twitter  among its users is about its havening  140 letters only constraint. It may  be necessary for the administration to impose  this limitation for some valid reasons nevertheless many time it suppress the fair communication rendering it meaningless especially for those having lesser language skills like me. In my desperate attempt to overcome this problem finally I discovers a solution given in the following.

You know I already have this blog page in in which now I create this page named TWITTER UNLIMITED. Here, I can write any of my ideas, opinion, comments, massages etc. in fair details whenever needed in any numbers, assigning each of them with numbers. Thereby in my twitter page write its essence in short sentence as usual and if there is any extra details, mentioning its reference number along with its web-link so the readers of that tweet  can find its details by pressing the TWITTER UNLIMITED page web-link if they want. Apart from this there are many other advantages, one can any time revise edit make correction or delete these tweets mentioning the changes there.

Hope I am the first one to present this twitter unlimited idea and show its practical use. Also hope it will help many of my fellow twittered to overcome similar limited word constraint problems in this way. 

TU#1 Raja Kalmadi, Kanimozhi                                                  26th April 2011

A.Raja Kamadi, Kanimozhi are the top creations of worlds corrupt monetary system, “Tip Of The Ice Berg” its bulk hidden under. There are hundreds of thousands small, medium as well big; A.Rajas Kalmadiy’s, Kanimozhi’s hidden under the surface doing most of the damage to the society. It is impossible to stop these vast majority indulging in corruption (Economic crimes, basically illicit money transaction) because it does not leave any such evidences necessarily required to prosecute it under the law and not to forget most of it done with the collaboration of both the main parties.

A Raja Kalmadi Kanimozhi mostly will get away with their crimes (unless a stringent Jan Lokpal Bill law comes into effect) or awarded with lighter sentences by the courts because there are no concrete evidences that clearly LINKS the business projects illicit money transaction (bribe kickback)directly to their personal bank account, property, assets etc.

If any Government really want to deter all people including those top brass’s from indulging in corruption, it should first remove the existing CASH money transaction system that primarily facilitate money concealment, which is the key factor of all illicit money transactions. The CASH should be replaced with the anti corruption Biometric Electronic Money (NFC like) that essentially leaves the concrete evidence of every one of its money transactions track records. This will make it impossible to anyone to WILLFULLY HIDE IT. It will most seriously deter not only the top brasses but every citizen in the 
country from engaging in all kinds of illicit money transactions or the corruption. 

TU#2. Corruption Poverty- Causes- Prevention -Comment.
4th May 2011.

It is the rampant corruption the cause of grueling below the line poverty in India and all over the world. First of all you cannot prevent this corruption (mainly economic crimes, basically illicit money transactions) by blaming, criticizing  or  preaching people MORALITY that make them to loose their easy and very safe, substantial corruption income. Secondly, the court requires essential corruption evidence to convict  anyone under the law however corruption mostly leaves no such essential evidence. Thirdly and most importantly our economic (financial) system allows money transaction without leaving any records of it, which in turn very much facilitates people to engage in illicit money transaction (willful hiding or concealment of money) without leaving  the records therefore not much dangers of getting caught and punished under the corruption law. However the good news is; the advancement in the Information Technology today enables the government to keep and maintain the records of every money transaction so every illicit money transaction or corruption get recorded so punished based on this concrete evidence. This will definitely  deter everyone engaging in corruption. For more details see 

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A False Justification For Corruption

Seeing corruption in general everywhere, realizing “most corruptions does not leave any such concrete evidences required to prosecute them therefore impossible to stop them” in general. It prompts many people to justify those  corruptions saying perhaps it is essential  for the smooth functioning of the system or for getting the work done more efficiently or quickly. For the common man this may seem more or less true, People in the fighting against corruption may not admit it publicly but perhaps in private to themselves! However the basic argument behind this justification of corruption saying ““most corruptions does not leave any such concrete evidences required to prosecute them therefore impossible to stop them” can turn out to be false. It is very much possible to MAKE almost all corruptions (economic crimes, basically illicit money transactions) to leave concrete evidences required to prosecute them therefore it is totally possible stop most of them. BAN the CASH MONEY replace it with Bio-metric electronic money (NFC like) it can root out most corruptions including its violent crimes. Its explained in my paper  . Also many other important articles in this regard on this Anti corruption blog. Hereby I request the readers, please help me to get at least some fair or reasonable critical reviews on this anti corruption paper from  those  leading anti corruption agencies and Organizations  who have been are totally ignoring or neglecting it. 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

NFC Mobiles Replacing Cash In The Near Future

(This Lattest revision:  19th April 2011)

In the  recent years  2011 in particular,  we are getting frequent news reports, articles about the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology equipped mobile phones entering into the market in a big way posing as the most efficient alternative to the century old traditional CASH money (currency) payments.  However people are not much aware of its great potentiality in completely getting rid of  most economic as well as the violent crimes (many may think  on the contrary). In my paper  titled “ IT To Root-out Corruption” written in 2008 I strongly argue that the electronic money transaction technologies like NFC can totally enable the world Governments to completely get rid of all sorts of economic crimes  popularly known as corruption (basically illicit money transactions) along with other violent crimes, only if there is the political will to get it done.

My paper “<IT To Root Out  Corruption>” now in  <>  talks highly about the “Near field Communication” NFC chips in the future cell phones and its great hope and importance to society to get rid of almost all economic crimes.  In the coming years the  NFC gradually going replace the Cash money and eventually can completely get rid of  it in the future. It is necessary that the devices (cell-phones) having NFC must also  importantly should have the Biometric Identity crucial for security reasons, it needs to have the Biometric Identity (thumbprint etc) as a pass word to activate money transfer or transaction.

The great security feature of the Bio-metric Identity in the NFC technology is that it will effectively prevent all sorts of cyber economic crimes like ‘electronic money’ pick-pocketing, theft, fraud  and importantly it will  protect  these  people from becoming target of  all sorts of  violent economic crimes like mugging, looting, burglary, robbery etc, even from getting murdered,  all those crimes mostly committed to ROB MONEY or to take revenge against it or to prevent it!  There should be a limit to the amount of money the NFC’s can hold and these cell phones, transactions of any sums exceeding a given limit should be conducted only via the one bank to the other bank. It need to be equipped with the internet connection (already there) so the money can be transferred (deposited and withdrawn) online from the persons bank account to the NFC and vice-versa, while its transaction data details  gets downloaded and recorded in the banks digital data storage. In short, all this will make sure that the electronic or digital money transaction becomes highly safe and secure  also every NFC money transaction between people, licit as well illicit  gets recorded in the banks  providing concrete evidence  of  any such economic crimes any times afterwards. This in turn will effectively deter  most people from indulging in  any kinds of corruptions and crimes as a whole.  

Hereby I request the readers please to help me in carrying forward the  information regarding this  most important anti-corruption feature of this  NFC  technology or the Bio-metric Digital Money  to  all those leading anti corruption concerns, people, agencies, organizations in order to get their most critical stand points, views, or opinions. One can see this article and its related many other articles in my other blog  <anticorruptionfight> at <>  - Valerian Texeira
This Lattest revision:  19th April 2011.

There are lots more of such NFC reports that one can find by searching in Google images for the word “NFC”.

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IT To Root-Out Corruption


By: Valerian Texeira

(First Published in February 2008….  2011 Revised edition)

This Paper basically contends that; ‘almost all economic crimes popularly known as corruption, occurs primarily because of the economic system facilitating surreptitious or illicit money transactions. The CASH MONEY PLAYS THE KEY FACILITATOR ROLE, as it enables the unscrupulous people to make the illicit money transactions and keep it without leaving any  concrete records or evidences so to  escape from its public, legal scrutiny. It is  also called as “Willful Hiding” or concealment of money. Thankfully the good news is that the Information Technology (IT) today with its innovative “Electronic (E)Money Transaction” including its most recent Near field Communication (NFC)  mobile phone money transaction technology, if made mandatory in  combination with ‘Biometric Identity’ in all bank accounts, can enable the Governments  to root-out most economic crimes. Only if there is a political will to get it done’


Thanks to the Information Technology (IT) era that our world galloping in today. With its wide-spreading broadband Internet connections, ushering in a new economic age of E-commerce, E-business. Most important is its innovative electronic or the e-money (“credit card” its partial form) transaction technology, IN WHICH THE MONEY PAYMENT/RECEIPT IN-BETWEEN ANY TWO PARTIES NECESSARILY CONDUCTED THROUGH A “THIRD PARTY”, A BANK OR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION THAT PROVIDES THIS MOST IMPORTANT “FINANCIAL SERVICE” AND IN THE PROCESS ALL ITS MONEY TRANSACTION “INFORMATION” GETS INSTANTLY RECORDED in the digital data storage of this registered public financial institution (Bank). Under which it is impossible for anyone to cheat, deny or hide the true accounts of their money and all its transaction track records. Thereby when ordered for its legal enquiry, public investigation of economic crimes, all the money transaction records can be made available before the judicial authorities and the general public to prosecute and punish the guilty behind any reasonable doubts. This provides the historical opportunity to the Governments to completely Root-Out most (if not all) of the economic crimes or corruption from the human society. 

Traditional Reason For Hiding CASH Money -- Its Main Drawback:

Traditionally the genuine reason for people to keep their money hidden and not to display its true amounts to the public is to PROTECT it from getting stolen, burgled or looted. Most importantly the fear of getting robbed, or lost while carrying it around for the transaction. Nevertheless, from ages the cash money remained indispensable or quintessential for the economy to conduct the value (commodity) exchange or the trade most efficiently. However today this newly emerging innovative Electronic Money Transaction (EMT) system can fulfill all the needs of the traditional CASH money transaction far more efficiently. Together with, it would entirely remove all such potential threats or the genuine fears of robbery, stealing, theft, by this revolutionary digital monetary system.

By the way, the main drawback of the traditional cash money transaction is that it is impossible practically to keep and maintain the records, accounts of ALL cash money transactions occurring in every place and at every time 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year for all its legal, public scrutiny. Its paper work and storage cost alone would be so enormous let alone its labor cost of keeping the accounts and other factors. It is only the Information Technology today with its revolutionary E-money transaction record keeping system, practically enables the society to accomplish it. This document marks its beginning.

Money Basically A Public TRUST:

Money is basically a public TRUST. It puts a social responsibility and the legal obligation on all those who owns it over and above a given (taxable) limit that they should maintain and submit its truthful accounts before the designated public authorities for its due legal scrutiny and not to use it for any unlawful, illicit purposes.  However in the conventional cash money delivery between any two parties got no such effective mechanism to monitor and record the money movements and know all its present locations all the times to prevent it from getting misused. Thus it becomes possible for the unscrupulous individuals to totally hide its true account and submit false accounting before the legal authorities in breach of its public trust, and engage into many kinds of its “misuse”, clandestine business practices, criminal use or the surreptitious money dealings, illicit money transactions.

Cash Money Hiding Ability Breeds Corruption:

Of course, most of the cash money transaction, business in our world conducted lawfully.  However a significant number of this cash money amounting to enormous sums kept hidden away from the legal scrutiny or collected and employed unlawfully called “black money”. The number one among is the ubiquitous economic crime of tax fraud or the tax evasion. Along with its cheating and depriving the public revenue it also puts the other people around in the money market competition into a very disadvantageous position thus pressurizes, encourages or tempts many among them also to commit such crimes. Same is true with other economic crimes and the most common among is the BRIBERY. There are number of other notorious economic crimes like money extortion, money-laundering, narcotic or illegal drug trade, human-trafficking, kidnapping for ransom money etc, I will come to some more of them in the latter sections. It is mainly due to the cash money (currency) basically having this “concealable” property that gives its possessor the ability to hide it from its legal scrutiny thus amass huge amount of illicit or black money and wealth. It begins to spoils the entire economic system, start to breed corruption.  Corruption breeds more corruption, crime begets crime.

Cyber Technology Great Promise To Root-Out Corruption:

The world today speeding fast into the digital money cyber economic era. E business’s (Amazon, e-bay), Credit Cards, ATMs getting popular everywhere. However most of the every day money transactions buying and selling trade  payments still dominated by the century old printed paper cash currency notes, which are getting more and more inefficient, burdensome  and getting corrupted day by day in the face of the sheer volume of growing economy. The economic crimes get boosted with the progression of cyber economy where huge sums of ill-gotten money can be transferred from one bank to another banks through fake or bogus bank accounts, credit card frauds, banking frauds, huge financial scams getting out of the national governments control, many times spiraling into deep economic crisis’s. Corruption, poverty, unemployment and the INFLATION everywhere! The public demands the government to control it, blames it for the failure and elects a new government. The new government comes with the promise to control it but no governments able to do it so far. Fortunately however now the same cyber technology that gives the worlds Governments the nightmare of growing economic crimes at the same time can also offer a great cyber technological or IT solution to prevent all the economic crimes.

The emerging digital money transaction cyber technology if combined with another advancing cyber technology of the Biometric Identity in the world banking or financial field  can effectively deter and get rid of almost all the corruption that happening  today. In fact establishing a cyber based financial network system with biometric identity not only plausible but INEVITABLE IN THE FUTURE! In this regard, most importantly the ubiquitous cell phones going to play a major role in making all money payments in the future. As the experts predict “Cashless Future” with the mobile phones equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) chips revolutionize the entire money payment transaction system in the financial sector.  These cell phones conduct everyday peoples money transactions big or small with their unassailable biometric identity password crucial in preventing the identity fraud so make a safe and secure digital money payment. This enables the Governments to bring in the two most important IT Anti-corruption measures that could completely root-out corruption from the world.

The most recent and updated (18th April 2011) version of the NFC feature related to this paper given in my blog post

. Which I feel most important for the readers to know on this subject matter. 


The Two Main Anti-Corruption Monetary Measures


(Please read the remaining part of this paper in my old blog site.