Monday, 25 April 2011

Down The Memory Lane

From Marxism Socialism To Working Hour Reduction

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE; a labor activist, quit Marxian Communism some 30yrs back. Still remain a great admirer of Karl Marx. The reason I rejected Marxism is that I basically contend that the Socialist system (Communism) also like capitalism STANDS necessarily on labor exploitation.  People familiar with Marxism Socialism Communism know that it  talks big about the capitalist labor exploitation causing all kind of social evils oppressions in the society and claims that the socialist system  can eliminate all of it by abolishing the private ownership of property (means of production) with planned economy.

However it explains nothing about how it is possible to eliminate the labor exploitation by abolishing the private property or brining in planned social production when it very needs the surplus value for its survival, which only comes from labor exploitation according to their own  Das Kapital SURPLUS VALUE (unpaid labor) theory.  The evasive communist slogan “FROM everybody according to their ability (labor?) TO everybody according to their needs” not going to solve this fundamental labor exploitation issue. 

This is  the basic reason why socialist or communist system miserably fails. The economy still needs surplus value from the workers labor and the only way to extract it is by the exploitations of labor, without the labor surplus value the economy will totally collapse. Therefore there is no way that the socialist or the communist system can remove the labor exploitation any sooner so all the evil labor oppressions associated with it.

My book: “An Alternative to Marxian Scientific Socialism: The Theory Reduction in Working Hours :A Demand for Six Hour Theory”.  Which I wrote and published in 1980 in Kannada Language. (My English writing only at rudimentary levels at that time) In this book I claim labor exploitation mainly occurs due to the COMPULSION on humans to labor (relation) in order to obtain their means of subsistence. It is impossible to eliminate this labor exploitation from any society as long as there exist the need of human labor in the social commodity production.  It gives rise to four main kind of labor exploitations  which are; 1. Subsistence Sustenance labor exploitation 2. Relative labor exploitation  3. Productive labor exploitation and finally the  4. Absolute labor exploitation unfortunately, Marxism totally fails to recognize them for whatever reasons.

However in FUTURE WORLD  the need of human labor in the social commodity production services etc will be gradually ILIMINATED  with the advancement of productive forces science and technology especially by the Cybernetics, Robotics technologies so does its exploitation will finally come to an end when the human society reaches the Zero  Working Day stage.  

So much enough for now about my fast labor activism for the time being.

(PS. Rough draft)

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