Friday, 8 April 2011

Questions To Anna Hazare Lokpal Bill

To Hanna Hazareje, and the team, with due respect  I question, how can all your, anti-corruption legislations, Bills  including the Lokpal prevent corruptions big, medium and small going on all over the county that the public encounter every day in life. You know very well that corruption (basically illegal or illicit money transaction)  leaves no concrete evidences or money trail records most of the times,  therefore its  perpetrators can easily escape the law and the common man knows it too well, so  forced to except corruption as a way of life.


In today’s world if you are a businessman/women big, medium or small you cannot survive  without submitting to corruption of varies kinds. Even a poor rickshaw puller or the street cart vendor forced to submit to extortions, bribes, if he/she wants to survive in that business.  

Now let me take a very sensitive corruption matter because it  points to  hundreds and thousands of your middle and upper middle class white collar anti corruption Lokpal supporters. Apart from many other corruptions  in which they reluctantly participate many of them I believe (if not the majority) indulge in some Tax evasion whenever they find the opportunity. I cannot go into its details except to say it is because corruption mostly leaves no concrete evidence or money trail records  This is the main reason that encourage most people to engage in corruption and to make some (or lots of) easy money..

Do you have any comprehensive anti corruption proposals or concrete measures that can  make sure most (if not all) of the corruptions made to leave its concrete evidences of the illicit money trials so all its perpetrators can be  potentially arrested and convicted on the basis of the available  concrete evidences  that  get rid of majority of corruption.  You may say it is impossible make all those corruptions to leave it concrete recoded evidences so to get rid of all those corruptions, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS THE PUBLIC TO BELIVE! It is contrary to the truth according to “IT To Root Out Corruption”.

(PS. Rough draft only needs editing and revising. )

Valerian Texeira.

IT To Root-out Corruption

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