Monday, 25 April 2011

Transparency International: Corruption Perception Index. A Myth

Transparency International (TI) the leading anti corruption organization in the world regularly publishes its survey named Corruption Perception Index (CPI). In short, those countries top on this list considered as very less corrupt and those in the bottom as the most corrupt. TI may have all the good intentions in doing so however it does more harm and creates wrong impression blaming those developing or underdeveloped poor countries responsible for most of the corruptions in our world. It scares away most of the rich international tourist community from visiting these countries, depriving them the very much needed incomes investments thus victimizing these poor countries still more.

Although the visible or perceivable  corruption in those developing poor countries very high nevertheless the rich developed countries higher in the list are equally or more responsible for the corruption in the world as a whole. They are the safe heavens for the deposits, investments and the lavish spending grounds for the corruption money of those poor countries. For instance Switzerland is among the top ten where corruption perceived to be very less. However it is well known that the Swiss banks are the number one destination for the corruption money of the developing countries. It is not only Switzerland but all those rich developed countries who score above 5 in the index are guilty of the use of corruption money in many concealed ways. However because it can be so willfully hidden it is very difficult to find. 

It is the unscrupulous corrupt, politicians, bureaucrats, business, rich people in general of the poor countries send their misappropriated, illicit, corruption or black moneys  to those rich developed countries through the illegal channel like HAWALA  or Money Laundering or by other means, make huge business investments buy properties, valuables mainly through their bogus, fake, fictitious or secret bank accounts.  They also spend it lavishly on luxuries of these rich countries making  their economy to flourish meanwhile the economy’s the developing poor countries horribly suffer. Not to mention the higher CPI ranking countries looting the rich natural resources of the poor countries in the name of  international trade agreements by BRIBING the governments with development funds, aids and loans and most of it goes into the corrupt individuals pocket, which is a open international secret. Therefore the countries ranking high in the list on the other hand are the FACILITATORS and beneficiaries of the  high corruption in the low CPI ranking developing poor countries. Therefore the TI CP Index turns to be mostly a myth.

All I want to say in here is; corruption is a ubiquitous world phenomenon. The developed countries may not have much visible corruption but they are the facilitators and beneficiaries of the high corruption in the developed countries. Therefore it is their responsibility to take the leading role in eliminating corruption from the world.

First of all they should stop being the facilitators or the safe heavens of corruption money of the rich people both from the developing and developed counties. To do this, the Governments should make it impossible to anyone inside or outside the country to conceal the TRUE amount of their money (or property as a whole) or HIDE it in fake, bogus or fictitious names. The UN chapter on corruption points it out as “Willfully Hidden”. To prevent it
the Governments should BAN the CASH (above a given small amount) and replace it with the anti-corruption Bio-metric Electronic Money (NFC like). The developed rich countries have all the resources and the infrastructures to implement it so the developing countries eventually follow the lead. It will make every money transaction in the country to leave its mark concrete evidence  money trail track records so make any HAWALA or Money Laundering as well all  other illicit money transactions impossible to HIDE. I have explained it in details in my paper titled “IT To Root-Out Corruption”. One can access it from my blog <>.

PS. Apologies for my poor language skills, writers having good command skills over the language can explain all this far better than me.

Valerian Texeira

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